About Us

Our Service

Skunk’s Academy is primarily a service dog training organization specializing in assisting disabled individuals by assessing and training service dog candidates as well as teaching them how work with a service dog to mitigate the effects of their disabilities. Skunk’s Academy also trains companion animals for disabled individuals, and provides education about about canine care, behavior, and training.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to have the wait time for qualified candidates of service animals greatly reduced for residents of the National Capital Region, Ontario, and Canada while ensuring public awareness and access for these people and their service animals become a non-issue.

Our mission is to provide disabled individuals a better quality of life through interaction with animals.

Message From Our President

Everything starts with Skunk. On December 1st 2014 Lilly gave birth to seven healthy boxer/lab puppies, the first of which is now known as “Skunk”. After eight torturous and marvelous weeks of socialization and basic behavior reinforcement it was time to say goodbye to six puppies and bring Skunk home.

I have Autism, and a few months after Skunk joined my family, it became very clear I functioned at a much higher level while in her presence. I searched for months for an organization that would accept current companion animals into their program or allow for home based training and I was met with rejection after rejection. This, of course, is why everything starts with Skunk; I now work with her daily, and she is continually meeting and exceeding expectations.

Going through this process with Skunk, working closely with other service and therapy animals, performing general dog training, and offering handler education, has reinforced my understanding of the relationship between animal and handler, as well as demonstrated the effectiveness of positive reinforcement based training techniques for both general training and behavior modification